Polybuild's Pursue

When you don't have a purpose, what's the point right?


Getting into Bodybuilding was a light bulb moment for me! Having a purpose for all my countless workouts made it clear to where I wanted to go with my fitness. Being in the gym and working out is my Passion! 


Within months of being coached and in preparation for my first stage my knowledge for my physical body grew so much!


Midway through to stage and I was set back!!! But did it stop me? NO WAY! This only made me hungrier for stage. Avenue changed, and I was now prepping again to take my first stage at no other place than my own home. Tonga!


One of the proudest moments.
I entered the 2019 Mr Tonga Tanoa Bodybuilding Competition. Competed in the over 100kg Category and did not expect to take home Gold. This also meant that I was qualified to enter the South Pacific Bodybuilding Competition in 2 weeks’ time and represent Tonga! Who would’ve thought huh?? More Excited and Eager to take on the next stage in NEW CALEDONIA!!!
Oh was I more than ready for this. As I was now representing not just my Family but my Country, my People and my Story.


Contestant Number 50 was up! Here, Polybuild made history again on the South Pacific stage taking on the Gold Medal, coming first in the over 100kg Category again. Call me a rookie or??? haha. A rookie taking home two Gold medals gave me the confidence to show my people and everyone that if I can do it, you can too if you don’t let your fears take over.
The mind game must always remain strong!


You always have to stay focused if you really want something, your mind controls EVERYTHING!!! But no one is perfect, and you will fall for that chocolate and thats ok, but quickly snap back into focus mode and move on.
You are more than what your mind tells you, You are more than what the World tells you, You are Unique!
That is why Polybuild is out giving back to the Community with Health & Fitness. 
"Follow your Passion, and the Lord will bless your path."